Trident CrossFit is supported by a team of passionate, committed, and dynamic trainers. Each of our coaches loves nothing more than changing people’s lives through fitness. Although we pride ourselves on our  knowledge, experience and continual efforts to improve through independent study, certifications, and courses, we are most proud of our ability to connect with and motivate our clients.  Trident CrossFit is the result of our passion for training and community.


  • Founder and Co-owner
    Andrea Smith

    Andrea Smith Founder and Co-owner

    Andrea is a  former competitive gymnast, coach and USGF judge, Andrea has always made athletics a focus in her life.  Her drive led her to become a competitive road cyclist and triathlete, and when she discovered CrossFit, she was hooked. As a CrossFit trainer , Andrea enthusiasm has helped individuals from elite athletes to fitness rookies to achieve their personal goals. As  co-owner  of  Misha’s coffee house and roaster in Alexandria , Andrea brings 18 years of commitment to the local community to Trident CrossFit.

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  • Founder and Co-owner
    Chriss Smith Jr.

    Chriss Smith Jr. Founder and Co-owner

    Chriss is a former Navy SEAL with more than 12 years experience in the SEAL Teams and other Special Mission Operations.  He fully understands the necessity of full body fitness and the role it plays in everyday life.  Chriss believes that the psychology of sport, fitness and fun play a vital role in the success of a healthy lifestyle.  His mission is to help others overcome self-doubt and their perceived limitations, allowing them to unleash their warrior within.

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  • Aby Thomas

    Aby Thomas

    My goal is to build trust in my community through open communication with a focus on listening.  Building off of that trust, I look to contribute to others goals and provide clarity through objective quality evidence and examples.

  • Emily Porterfield

    Emily Porterfield

    Bio coming soon.

  • Becca Hall

    Becca Hall

    Becca grew up with a love of sports and pushing her limits. As an adult, CrossFit was first introduced as an alternative to familiar days long gone, where a competitive atmosphere meets physical fun. She soon learned it’s much more. Starting in a friend’s backyard, there was no turning back when she joined Trident. Being a part of the Trident community is ever-inspiring…from every member and coach, no matter age, size, or skill level – it’s amazing to see the heart and perseverance that each athlete brings when they walk into the gym. Becca loves finding ways to positively impact people’s lives – on the field, in the gym, and in everyday life! Thanks the Lord in all things!

    I exist to create meaningful relationships built on TRUST through endless expressions of love in words and actions.

    How I do that is CONTRIBUTE my time, resources, and encouragement in support of the needs and goals of people around me.

    What I seek is CLARITY in communication in order to fully understand each person and likewise be understood, as part of the greater journey to know and experience God's love.

  • Melanie Rowland

    Melanie Rowland

    Melanie has been “working out” since she was born. Using her childhood living room as an obstacle course, she not only frustrated her parents, but also quickly learned how much fun she had exercising. She followed her need for “all things fast” and joined the Army after college. Fast-forward 25 years…. As a retired Army Officer serving 15 of her 20 years in Special Operations and Special Missions Units, Melanie understands first-hand the importance of being physically and mentally ready to meet any challenge. Coupling that understanding with the need for fuel – she obtained her Masters Degree in Bio Chemistry/Human Nutrition and now practices nutrition both in the local area and at Trident CrossFit. Supporting others in finding joy through movement is her passion – she does this through coaching CrossFit and teaching nutrition.

    Better Way, Make Sense, Simplify

    Why: Better Way: I want to help people find and go to their edge; be the best version of their “self”.

    How:  Making Sense: Create and/or Improve the process; make sense of it, break it down, baby steps… the journey should be challenging but fun.

    What: Simplify: A solution or path that is understandable and achievable.

  • Marcus White

    Marcus White

    Marcus White began CrossFitting in 2010 and acheived his Level 1 certification in 2011. He currently enjoys coaching at Trident and competing in local competitions. He has been a life-long multi-sport athlete and fitness fanatic. His endeavors included organized football, basketball, cross country/indoor/outdoor track. Marcus’ primary sport of fencing is where he made his mark. After achieving All-American status as a junior at The College of William and Mary, Marcus went on to compete with the U.S. World Cup team in 2001 and 2002. Now that his competitive days of fencing are done, Marcus CrossFits at Trident to stay in shape. “Out of all my athletic participation, the CrossFit intensity, resulting fitness levels, and sense of community are the most impressive I’ve ever encountered.“

    My passions are built on a right way mentality.  Seeing things executed consistently at a high level brings me significant satisfaction.  The only way to ensure things are done right is to clarify concepts with the intent of raising the level of performance or understanding for others.  I look to nurture trust in my capabilities, as others do things the right way based on my assistance, personally and professionally.

    Favorite wod is DT.

    Least favorite wod is Fran.

    When not at the gym ... I'm working

    CrossFit Level I Cert

    CrossFit Level II Cert

    CrossFit KB Cert

    USAW weightlifting Cert

  • Nate Pipke

    Nate Pipke

    After getting hooked on Crossfit by following the main web page, I found myself following fellow Head Coach, Emily, to Trident shortly after the box opened. This took my workouts and enjoyment to a whole new level. I was no longer the guy doing strange stuff in the corner of the local “Globo Gym”. I found a great community and great friends to help push myself further and harder.

    Coaching at Trident came along naturally. As a teacher in “real life”, I love working with my students and seeing those “light bulb moments” when understanding occurs. Finding those faces amid the sweat, grunts, groans and pain of a Trident WOD is harder, but just as rewarding.

  • Stacy Nichols

    Stacy Nichols

    Stacy began her CrossFit journey in 2012. After being introduced to CrossFit and seeing the fun, intensity, variety, results and community – she was hooked. She has been a coach at Trident since 2013.Stacy has been a multi-sport athlete her entire life to include soccer, volleyball and softball. Her CrossFit journey has expanded into Olympic Weightlifting and she currently competes at both local and national levels. She medaled in 9 out of 10 competitions – earning 3 silver medals at national competitions. ‘CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting have changed my perspective on fitness and wellness, and I want to help others work toward their own goals’.

    Why: I want to contribute to the greater good - in all facets of my life. I want to support people and organizations by making them better. If I feel passionate about something, I am very vocal about the benefits and successes because I want everyone to know about it and be a part of it.  

    How: I contribute to building trust with those around me by being educated on subject matters that contribute to the success of people. And, going the extra mile to help them.

    What: I want to help the success happen by following the rules (processes that are set on achievements) and focus on the results.


    CrossFit Level 1

    CrossFit Weightlifting

    CrossFit Level 2

    CrossFit Kids

    CrossFit Conjugate Methods

  • Donnie Nusbaum

    Donnie Nusbaum

    My purpose is to pursue the right way to encourage others to discover their true potential and accomplish their goals.  I obtain this by assessing obstacles and providing clarity to efficiently overcome them. The capability to make sense of overcoming obstacles allows me to help individuals achieve  anything.

  • Herman Phillips

    Herman Phillips

    Bio coming soon.

  • Sean Drumheller

    Sean Drumheller

    I strive to Make Sense out of seemingly complicated issues, in order to provide a better understanding to myself and others. I believe that goal is best achieved by assessing how best to tackle a problem, and determining the Right Way to address and solve it. Ultimately, I will not be satisfied with "good enough," and will continue to learn and experiment until I have achieved Mastery of a particular topic.

  • Hugo De Leon

    Hugo De Leon

    Originally from Guatemala, Hugo de León is a former firefighter and softball coach. Both disciplines taught him the importance of having a strong general fitness base as the foundation of any physical activity, whether for high performance sports or in daily life.

    Hugo is committed to developing both the physical and mental strength of his athletes. He believes that exercise and an athlete’s achievements inside the gym transfer to success in all aspects of daily life. He’s worked with active duty military, first responders, law enforcement, as well as athletes just beginning their fitness journey or those coming back from an injury, always in a safe and effective way.

    As a personal trainer, Hugo has had the opportunity to work with highly competitive athletes in baseball, softball, soccer, boxing, and karate. He also coached the 2019 CrossFit national champion from Guatemala, and a regional Latin American qualifying team in 2014. Most recently he’s worked with a female athlete (Teens division) who finished 32nd in the world during the 2021 CF Online Qualifier. 

  • Kate Kovatch

    Kate Kovatch

    Kate started dancing at the age of three and hasn’t stopped moving since. After college she spent 13 years as an officer in the Marine Corps discovering how much she enjoys fitness for both the physical and mental benefits it provides. Her goals as a coach and personal trainer are to ensure athletes are having fun and moving safely so they maintain an independent and pain free life well into old age. She has a keen interest in mobility and flexibility and can often be found showing athletes and new stretch before and after class.

  • Sara Gillespie

    Sara Gillespie

    Sara found Trident in 2010. She quickly gained a new confidence as she learned new skills and improved her fitness level. Trident has helped Sara gain strength, both physically and mentally, over the years. She started coaching in 2016 to share her passion for Trident with others. Her experience as a D3 collegiate athlete and enthusiasm for CrossFit benefit her.

    Sara appreciates CrossFit's mission to meet each athlete at their level, and give them the confidence to grow as athletes. She enjoys working with athletes to help them discover their capabilities and reach their next level.