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“YOU TOOK MY PHONE!!!”: How one CrossFitter found the strength to fight back

iPhone 5 - from of Apple.
iPhone 5 – from Apple.

Dear Chriss and Andrea:

Happy New Year!

I have this crazy story to tell you and I really don’t think this story would be complete without acknowledging the excellent coaching and training that I have received at Trident.

So on New Year’s Eve, I got out of work early around 2 p.m. and was sitting on a bench waiting for a train at the Archives Metro Station.  And then suddenly, this guy comes from behind and snatches my iPhone 5 (this was a birthday gift from Erik/my first EVER smartphone!) out of my hand.  The guy quickly hops on the train on the other side of the platform.

I yell “HEY!!!!” and chase after the guy as he hops on the train going the opposite direction.  The doors are starting to close in front of my face and I am devastated.  Then I fell…  But wait, the train conductor notices that something is up (this chick falls on the floor in a dramatic fashion – something’s gotta be up), and opens the door back again.  I quickly get up and get on the train. I spot the guy and speak assertively, “ You took my phone!  YOU TOOK MY PHONE!!!”

Somehow I managed to yank my phone out of his hand and got off the train triumphantly.  Many people saw what had happened and offered to help me report the incident.  (I didn’t.  I just wanted to go home and get a drink.)

Moral of the story/Lessons learned:

1.       I didn’t have the physical ability to pull this off before I joined your gym.

2.       My NYE would have sucked so bad if I didn’t get the phone back.  So THANK YOU.

3.       In hindsight, it was probably a bad idea to chase after the guy – I could have been stabbed.

4.       I am famous, and there are good people out there – I called the Metro Police this morning to report the incident, and as I described the incident, the woman goes “are you an Asian female?”  Apparently several people reported the incident on my behalf.

Anyway, sorry for my looong email, but all that to say, THANK YOU!!!  Wishing you a wonderful year!


Mari H.
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