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Yeah so I’m on X Mas break and bored as hell so I decided to write something for the blog. The opinions expressed in this blog are purely mine and are not those of the CF Trident Inc. and coaches. Please excuse any misspellings, side tracked thoughts, and random bits of profanity.

Yeah I’m bored.

As I strolled into the gym last week Chriss quickly hit me with a question, which I truly didn’t know how to answer at the time. What is CF Trident about? I didn’t know if it was because Chriss spit it out as fast he did or because it wasn’t an easy question to answer. Chriss was talking to a guy that was interested in Trident and posed the same question to him. I understood the question but really it was hard for me to answer at first.

I’ve been to a few different gyms around the National Capital Region and other areas, while travelling for work and each had its own “theme”. When I say theme, I mean either the way the coaches program their WODs or attitude of the clients and staff. Although you’d think all CF gyms have the same type of training and attitude toward training many are really different. Some gyms have taken on an almost pure strength bias for all of their programming, and in doing this they’ve almost forgotten what CrossFit is about. There are ten components of fitness that CrossFit recognizes, and in only focusing on just strength these gyms have discarded the other nine. Strength is great aspect of fitness, and let’s be honest all guys like picking up heavy shit but, we’re not a powerlifters. We are Crossfitters.

On the other hand, I’ve also been to gyms that pretty much only do sexy METCON WODs. Let’s face it, we all love the METCONs because we walk, or crawl, away from them feeling like we’ve really done a ton of work in a relatively short amount of time. However, with only doing METCONs athletes are looking at getting tons of overuse injuries.  Also, I’m very guilty of sacrificing form for the sake of going faster during a METCON. Unfortunately, in doing this we never develop the technique and efficiency needed to perform some fundamental movements. Just ask Chriss about my BW squat.

The last theme of some other gyms is the competition aspect of CrossFit. I’ll be the first to admit I love CF competitions, and I’ll probably compete until I’m in my 50s. However, I went to a gym once that was extremely competitive and it was pushed on every athlete. This really started to take the fun out of working out. What made this worse is if you weren’t a “firebreather” than you got little to no coaching. What these coaches failed to realize is that CF WODs are timed so athletes can measure their performances, not to always measure it against others’ performances. When guys as big as Matt W., who should wear shirts that say “I eat midgets for breakfast”, and Tom D., who’s lats are so big he looks like a flying squirrel, are working out next to you you know you’re not going to put up numbers as big as theirs. If you are able to cut 15 seconds on your previous time that is a huge achievement and who cares there are people beating you by a minute; it’s about your performance.

So what is the “theme” of Trident or what is Trident all about? I personally think it’s that we do CrossFit, pure and simple. We do constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. Our WODs are programmed so that we are improving in all ten components of fitness. Until I came to CF Trident I’d never done a pistol, slam ball, strict pull-up, barbell roll-out, box jump/burpee, or sledge drag in a WOD……..oh and Jumping Jacks…..seriously Tom what was that about? Many CF gyms have lost sight of what CF is about and only train in certain aspects. They choose to really focus on either what their clients like or what they think will be in the competitions. Guess what, the works out you hate the most, and make you want to walk back out of the gym when you see them written on the board, are the best ones for you. Let’s face it we hate them because they are the ones we suck at. Yes, Andrea I’m thinking of you as I write this. So I just want to say thank you to all the coaches at the gym for programming WODs that stay true to what CrossFit is supposed to be about. In the end, CF Trident is CrossFit.

By Tim Bishop

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