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Who Loves to Dead LIft? Rip….

1Rm Deadlift Max,  Yikes  “that always hurts my back”.  A very common thought for lots of people, well … Not likely when you warm up properly and lift correctly.  The deadlift, when done correctly, is an amazing lift in terms of the full body strength gains it provides as well as how much it can help relieve back and neck problems…..remember a weak posterior chain is the cause of so many of these problems…..and NOTHING strengthens the posterior chain better then a properly executed deadlift. However……sometimes when we are trying max efforts “properly executed”  is all but forgotten at the expense of just picking heavy S&!*T off the ground. So make sure you are really well warmed up core to extremity and make sure you go through a nice deadlift progression to prepare for the heavier efforts.


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Chriss Smith

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