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What are You Looking For??

What are you looking for – the fountain of youth, weight loss, balance, power, strength, or maybe a solution for a healthy long life, where you are functional right until the end? Things like these come from people like you and me, the 0500 CF crowd, the Saturday throw-down crew and those running out for ‘lunch’ and CF at 1230.

People who have changed their lives at Trident CF — THEY are the proof that Constantly Varied, Functional Movements performed at high Intensity and a smart, sound, high quality diet works. Where else have you been where the trainers cared how much you slept the night prior, how you have been eating, “are you injured, sore.” Go to a ‘regular’ aka Globo gym and they actually prefer if you don’t show up, hell they are still collecting the money and that leaves the treadmill with a TV for someone else.

TRIDENT is on the front lines of changing the way fitness is viewed. My bet – in ten years TRIDENT will be the norm and “Globo Gym” will be left only to those who do not want to put in the effort to make change – maybe we need a road trip to Vegas to get the Odds on that one….

I see a future where Doctors prescribe workouts and diets instead of pills and MRIs. Physical Therapists have their injured doing WODs like Cindy or Nicole for rehab. This future will happen. I used to think the Europeans were crazy/lazy when I lived in there – the doctors would ‘prescribe’ a vacation to the Canary Islands for them to get sunshine in the dreary winter months – now I know they are cutting edge! The firestorm is coming.

We have children, including mine, doing CrossFit, eating paleo, succeeding in their sport, breaking records. These children will become doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists, teachers, coaches, moms, and dads. Nothing can stop them and they are armed with the most important/deadly weapon in the world – knowledge. I see the United States in the future, where obesity is once again rare, and the leading cause of death is trauma, instead of Cancer and heart disease. Type II Diabetes…eradicated and companies that make the drugs to lower Insulin levels and high blood pressure are making holistic supplements instead.

It all starts with you – we give you the keys to enable the future you envision. Maybe it is dancing with your great granddaughter at her wedding – hell I am going to be racing my great grandkids…whatever it is, it goes back to the post I made earlier on accountability.

So what ever you looking for – got find it and tear into it like you do the WODs


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Chriss Smith

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