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Just wanted to give you a heads up about Saturdays WOD.  We will be hosting a CPC (Coaches Prep Course) this Saturday and Sunday so we will have our workout outside,  don’t fret is forecast to be a lovely 58 degrees F so it should be fun.  Constantly varied.  We will also be utilizing our new space (right next door) while the Courser is in our main gym, so we ask that you come in the new door vice interrupting the CPC.  No worries it will be marked for those of us who are touched with the  Al-z-heimer.  What does all this mean to you…. we will have normal class hours on Saturday 7th 8:00am, 9:00am 10:00am.

Happy New Year,  of course everyone is making crazy goals to accomplish,  well good on ya,  but lets be realistic about how we go about it.  Just like you learn in every Goal setting seminar your attended, a few rules must be followed
1.  In order to turn and wish into a goal it has to have date attached to it.
2. Long range goals should be broken down into bit size pieces so they are easier to swallow.
small steps go a long way in achieving lofty goals, just keep leaning in the right direction and eventually you will get there.
3. WRITE THEM DOWN.  WRITE THEM DOWN  WRITE THEM DOWN.  Make yourself and your crew accountable for the goals you plan on achieving,  last I looked there are alot of forgotten wishes on the whiteboard that need to be revisited.  If you have one up there make sure it has a date or rethink the wish, dont be afraid to erase and start anew.  If you dont have one up there…  put on up there,  lets try and fill the whiteboard with goals this year and slay the dragon that holds us back from being great.

Looks like its Goodwill time,  we will be adding more cubbies soon, but in the meantime  feel free to take your belonging (and water bottles) home with you, they miss being at home with their other friends you’ve forgotten about.  We will be making a Goodwill run on Jan 13th,  If you want to donate we will have a donation barrel for you to drop your stuff in, or just leave it around and we will surely scoop it up.

Mike Porterfield, our world famous rowing coach is doing a great job training the Mid Atlantic Trident Rowing Team of 4 (Boo) to rep your gym.  Basically this is free rowing instruction once a week and what the heck,  you might even win a prize (or catch a quad cramp).  We got a month of good training left.  Legs-Body-Arms

Well that’s enough for one day

P.S.  sorry no pictures,  but my computer newsletter skills are not that sharp (read volunteer)

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