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Trident Workouts, Territory Meals and Looking Ahead

Hi Trident Peeps.

We wanted to keep you in the loop on a couple things we will be doing so our members can, not only keep their fitness levels, but INCREASE their fitness by becoming fitter, faster, and stronger in the next couple weeks.

Here are a few ways we are doing that for you:

1. At Home Workouts posted daily on SugarWOD
We want to make sure everyone can get their WOD on while at home. Please post your creative WOD attire and tag us at @tridentcrossfitva. If you do not have access to SugarWod, please email us at

2. Outdoor Classes
We will be hosting three hour-long outdoor classes daily at 6:00am, 12:00pm and 5:00pm. We will meet at Trident and head across the street to workout. Please be bring a water bottle, towel and any additional gear you think you will need.  These classes will follow the “at home” WODs posted on SugarWOD.

3. Free Strength Track
For those of you who have a home/apartment gym, Vicky will provide free access to her Strength Track for the next month. It contains 4 lifts a week (2 upper and 2 lower) all on SugarWOD. It is currently a private track, so if you’d like access, please email with your name and email associated with your current SugarWOD account.

4. Burpee Challenge
March is not over! Get after your burpees at home, and record in SugarWOD under “Burpee Challenge” as part of your daily workout.

5. 800g Nutrition Challenge
Think you eat enough fruits and veggies?….Think again! 800g DAILY of fruits and veggies for the next month… can you do it? challenge accepted. This will start next Monday, March 23rd, email if you’d like more information and to sign up!

6. Territory Meals
We definitely want you to keep ordering your meals, as does Territory. Meals will be available for pick up at Trident from 9am-noon on Monday, March 16th. Additionally, we will have someone at Trident from 4-6 pm for people who can’t pick their meals up in the morning. Be on the lookout for Thursday Meal pick up updates.

6. Milk Carton Fitness
Be on the lookout for some “special” WODs using a carton of milk, Tide, a broomstick, and other household items. Ever done “DT” with your detergent? Extra points if you use Tide+.

THANK YOU. We are truly overwhelmed by the loyalty and support that you all have shown us. Thank you for the kind emails and texts and thank you in advance for keeping your membership with us to keep our community alive. Without membership fees your gym would cease to exist. Please keep this in mind if you are considering placing your membership on hold or cancelling. So, please take a deep breath with us – and we’ll take this one week at a time. We are brainstorming ideas to keep our community together so if you have any suggestions or ideas, email them to

In Strength and Solidarity,
Team Trident

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