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Past Summer - Garage Games - Stone
AKA Thor – Bad. Ass.

Name – Cole Mike AKA ‘Thor’

Age – 41

Profession – Consulting (Project Management)

Trident Start Date – 10/21/2011

What was it that brought you to Trident?
Initially I wanted only to do CrossFit in the triathlon off-season, however an acquaintance recommended Trident and it peaked my interest. I was looking for a high intensity cardio and strength training workout that would fit in-between graduate school and working full-time. I was warned that CrossFit was addictive, but didn’t give heed to the warnings and thought I could quit after a few months.

What’s your favorite workout?
BURPEES!!! Huge fan of any chipper workout and of course BURPEES!!

What progress have you seen since you started?
Honestly, the greatest progress that I’ve seen is getting my ‘mojo’ back! Pushing past those limits that I previously thought were unattainable in all aspects of my life. The positive reinforcement and infectious camaraderie that I was experiencing at Trident began to impact my life outside of Trident. The transference of the determination, discipline and success inside the box to outside the box is astounding and is directly connected to the community of Trident.

One Year Into Crossfit Comparison
Before (left) / After (right)

My first year I noticed almost no change in my weight and took my body fat measurements at the six months and one year from my start date. From the six month to one year mark, I had lost 17 pounds of body fat and gained 9 pounds of lean mass which equaled a 6% drop in my body fat percentage. My mobility has improved leaps and bounds, just ask anyone to show you my original ‘squat’ depth.

What do you think motivates you?
Never forget those moments when a fellow athlete comes back to finish the WOD with me even if it is them just letting me know they have my back by pushing me through the WOD highlighting the train as individuals but workout as a community aspect of Trident. Personally, my faith helps me dig deep and helps me to never let limitations hold me back, but use them to push me forward. If all else fails the coaches know how to ensure I leave it all on the floor.

Favorite Trident memory or proudest moment?
After many failed attempts, those moments when you surprise yourself in overcoming a previously unobtainable movement or scoring a PR. Representing Trident and bringing it at competitions (especially road trips) are priceless.

What do you do when you’re not at Trident?
Mostly study, I graduate May 2013.

Fun Fact!
I was 6 feet tall in the sixth grade (11 years old) and became an endurance athlete because my lack of coordination. I didn’t train with weights until I started CrossFit at Trident.

Chris Kelly

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