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The Trident Paleo Challenge is officially in the rear view mirror. Now that it’s wrapped up, hopefully you’re asking yourself the right questions as you’re evaluating your results. You shouldn’t be asking yourself whether you ate strict Paleo for the last two months, but if you’ve improved your eating habits, and better yet, your performance and energy level.

All of the coaches have definitely seen noticeable improvements in ALL of the Trident athletes over the last couple of months. Those of you who really dialed in on your nutrition, you can be assured that your improvements were definitely boosted by the positive changes you made to your diet. If you ate like crap over the last couple of months but still made gains in the gym, imagine the possibilities once you get your nutrition in check!

So, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag with the winners of the Paleo Challenge. Almost everyone made huge improvements, so you should all be proud that you made sacrifices and committed yourselves to a healthier lifestyle over the last couple of months…

Second place goes to Tim Long. Those of you who have worked out with Tim have inevitably noticed the ridiculous changes he’s undergone in the last two months. Since October, he’s lost 20 lbs and 7% of his body fat…ridiculous! Also his work capacity on the assessment WODs increased by about 16%. Congrats Tim, it’s been awesome to see your improvements!

First place goes to…Sara Gillespie. While I don’t have hard numbers for Sara’s weight loss or body composition, she posted HUGE improvements on the WODs and her overall work capacity. Whether she ate 100% Paleo or not since the challenge started is irrelevant. She’s been super consistent with her training and has obviously made an effort to make some positive changes to her nutrition. She used to give me that look of fear when I encouraged her to throw more weight on her barbell. Now she just smiles and calmly walks over to the weight stack. She also nailed her first handstand push up over the last month. Amazing to see these insane changes Sara, congrats!!

Hopefully you all have used this experience to embrace permanent changes to your eating AND training habits. To keep it in perspective, it’s not about how much you can deadlift or power clean, or how fast you can run a mile. But it IS about striving to accomplish things that don’t come easy to you. All the lessons you learn in the gym will make you better as athletes, as professionals, and as human beings!

Big shout out to all who participated and to all the athletes who make the Trident community as kick-ass as it is!

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