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Warm-Up / Skills

Skill work: Push Press and Power Clean

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Exercise: Push Press/lbs
Reps: 8@70%, 6@75%, 6@80%
Comment: Optional: Athletes can do a drop set of 10@40% with no rest after their set of 6@80%



1 Power Clean (Heavy)
2 Power Cleans
3 Power Cleans

Result Type: AMRAP
Male Rx: 0 lbs
Female Rx: 0 lbs
Comment: One athlete works while the other rests. If Jerome and Matt are partners, Jerome does one rep then Matt does one rep. Jerome does two reps and then Matt does two. Jerome does three reps and Matt does three reps. That’s one round. They would then repeat the same sequence, 1.2.3…1.2.3…
Partial rounds count. Score as complete rounds + extra reps (ie, 4+6).

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Chriss Smith

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