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Kickin Ass In The Sport of…LIFE!!

If you’re a crossfitter, there’s no doubt that at some point, after a long hard workout, laying in a pool of your own bodily fluids, you’ve asked yourself, “Why the hell am I doing this to myself?” Trust me, I’ve asked myself that same question. Actually, I recall very clearly asking it yesterday, while my already bruised sternum crashed the deck for the
60th friggin burpee of the day. But,if you never came up with an answer to that question, well then my friends, you’ll probably never step foot back in the gym again.

Yep, here it goes, another meat head getting ready to tell you about how Crossfit IS life…(drum roll)

It’s so easy to say that your performance in the gym is just not that important to you. It’s comfortable to hide behind the “I just want to be healthy” excuse and half-ass your efforts. I mean, really, how does deadlifting 500 lbs. or crushing a sub 3 minute Fran have anything to do with your success in real life? If this sounds familiar to you, don’t buy the bag of rhino shit you’re trying to sell to yourself! As a coach and a crossfitter, I’m here to tell you, it has EVERYTHING to do with your personal success. And no, it’s not about how much you lift or fast you finish a workout, but it IS about working to achieve something that you couldn’t have accomplished before.

As a wiseman (who will go nameless because I’m not sure who he is) once said, “Show me a man who is satisfied with where he is, and I’ll show you a failure.”

As far as I know, we’re not training any professional athletes at Trident. But we ARE training people who are striving to achieve greatness in other aspects of life – as parents, providers, students, business people, husbands, wives, soldiers, the list goes on and on. And guess what? The lessons you learn in the gym while striving to improve are the same ones that WILL translate to success in your personal and professional lives. Hard work, determination, perseverance, discipline, and yes, FUN. What better place to learn these things than inside the four walls of the gym.

I myself am a father and a husband first, then a coach, then an athlete. But, you know what? The work and dedication I put into adding 10 lbs. to my powerclean is the same amount of effort I must put into being a better father, a better husband, and a better coach. If I abandon my quest become a better athlete, then my work ethic will suffer across the board, and I will ultimately fall short EVERYWHERE.

Athletes- keep this in mind the next time you’re contemplating giving a workout only half of your heart, or the next time you’re deciding whether or not to attempt a lift for a PR, or the next time you think about skipping out on writing your output on the whiteboard. Work your butt off everyday, and do it with a smile inside, knowing that the right thoughts, along with the right actions, will inevitably lead to success in EVERYTHING you do.

Sure, if you’re not competing, it may not excite you to work on your squat form, or to get your first pull-up, or to set a huge personal record. But what is exciting is that the effort you’re putting forward to improve yourself as an athlete WILL make you a better person,whether it be in the gym,in your profession, or in your personal relationships.

No one came out of the womb as a natural born bad ass (we can’t all be Quatro Deuce), but there is a world of potential within every athlete that steps into the gym. I am lucky enough to see it unleashed every day! I can’t count how many personal records, first pull-ups, first muscle-ups, first mechanically sound squats, and first sitings of non-doosh shoulders I’ve seen since we’ve opened our doors!  That’s the beauty of what we can accomplish in Crossfit…making a once impossible task…very much a reality. The translation of this very accomplishment will empower you to effect positive change in EVERYTHING you do.

Thanks for letting me (and the whole coaching staff) in on your journey to kick life’s ass!!

– Coach Chaddy C

Chriss Smith

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