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Keeping Charlie In The Game

Charlies wod                                                                      

Trident Community, family and friends – there is no way I can possibly put into words how grateful I am for everyone’s support and participation in the fundraiser for Charlie’s therapy this past weekend. Thank you just doesn’t seem to cut it. I’ve never before been a recipient of such kindness and generosity of that magnitude. It seemed that people were literally tripping over each other to offer support for me and my family – financially and emotionally. I can honestly say that the Trident community provided me with the absolute most memorable and humbling moments of my entire adult life on Saturday. I’m still seeing pictures of the event in my mind and getting chills.

 Beyond what you’ve all done for my family, I hope everyone can eventually understand how powerful their contributions are on a much larger scale. Although we’ve come a long way, there is still a huge gap between the autistic population and the “neurotypicals”, especially in the educational systems for children. That’s not to say that special education programs shouldn’t exist for children with autism, it’s simply a point that we’ve not yet found a way for the two worlds to truly co-exist in a natural environment. I believe that is simply a product of the public not fully understanding what autism is or how to be truly compassionate and understanding when it comes to living and operating with a group of individuals whose minds simply work a little differently than the rest of the population.

I could go on forever with this topic, but my point is simply this – YOU have helped make a HUGE stride toward closing this gap. You helped the Ciri family directly, but you’ve contributed to a larger, much more important picture indirectly…and it’s my promise to you that you will see that someday! Your effort WILL be paid forward on a grander scale.

When I first learned of Charlie’s diagnosis, there was a long time that I walked around with constant sadness. To the parents out there, you’ve all certainly had that heart-breaking moment when someone tells you in some way, shape or form that your child is not perfect. What I’ve realized during this journey is that Charlie is the best gift that I could have ever been given. He has brought more joy and happiness into my life than I could’ve ever dreamed possible, with his gentle heart and infectious smile. When it really sinks in how much of a blessing he is, to me and to the world…I realize how senseless and short-sighted it is to walk around carrying that sadness. Yes, I still have moments of sadness – that’s part of being a parent, but now I recognize that those short moments are just part of a much happier and more powerful journey.


Trident community, friends, and family…you have given us one more reason to believe that there is a universe full of hope and optimism in that journey.

With your help, we are now be in a position to cover all the expenses associated with getting Charlie the help he needs through therapy for at least a full year. Yes, you have helped us raise over 20 thousand dollars!! I’m still staring at the screen as I’m writing this in disbelief. I hope that number in itself warms your heart just knowing that you had a hand in it. Beyond that, when you see Charlie in a year, I know that you’ll be able to feel an unmatchable sense of pride in knowing that you’ve had a MAJOR role in his growth and progress.

Thank you for your support, generosity and selflessness. Thank you for inspiring my family’s faith in human kindness. But most of all, thank you for keeping Charlie in the game.

My deepest love to all of you…

Coach Chad

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