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Have FUN Messing Up in 2014!!

To the best community in the world- Hopefully tomorrow marks the day  that talking about what’s gonna happen in 2014 comes to a screeching halt and the real action taking begins.

Whatever your goals are, take this day to explore WHY they have meaning to you. Goals without emotional content are nothing more than daydreams.  That 50 lb. PR squat clean doesn’t mean anything by itself, but if developing the courage it takes to dive under the heaviest load you’ve ever picked up in your life also inspires you to become a better professional, a better friend, a better husband or wife, or a better human being, then chase that goal down with reckless abandon…and blow it out of the friggin water! Losing 20 lbs. holds no power by itself, but if losing 20 lbs will give you the self-confidence to go out and improve the quality of your entire life, than your vision will make it impossible for you to fail.

Those of you who know me also know that I’ve had a difficult year. And reflecting on what I could have done differently, I’ve come up with 2 things that I will change in 2014. The most important one is that I WILL FAIL MORE OFTEN! Yep, I plan to have more missed lifts, more missed time targets in my workouts, find more things that don’t help my athletes improve, and discover more ways to help my son grow and flourish that DON’T work in this coming year. Strange as it might sound, I realized I didn’t have nearly as many failures this year that are necessary to grow and get better, which simply means I didn’t take enough risks. I didn’t put myself out there enough, and I proceeded way too cautiously. Simply put, if I’m going to hit my goals this year, I need to find MORE ways that don’t work to successfully find things that DO work. That’s all failures are…they’re not really failures at all, they are successful discoveries of what doesn’t work.

The next change for me is remembering to have FUN screwing up this year. Reflecting on the last year of trying to find the “perfect” way to help my son fight through the rough challenges of his autism, I realize that the anxiety it brought me shut down the enjoyment of the journey itself.  Looking back on all he has achieved this year, it got me wishing that I stopped more often and celebrated his (and our) accomplishments a little more often. Can’t forget to stop once in a while, smile inside and enjoy the ride…with the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s all part of this life’s journey so we might as well enjoy it!

So, Trident, I invite you to come with me on this ride in 2014 and attack your goals fearlessly, whether they be fitness related or not…and along the way….


Now let’s go blow up 2014!!!

Coach Chad


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