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How lucky am we…

Sitting here with my wife and some friends enjoying this Christmas Eve. Secretly thinking of all of you and how important and thankful I am for each one of you for being part of our dream of positively affecting 1000 people our lives. I know it’s a big challenge but we are up for it. For every rep you work through and every high five, you continually refuel our charge and passion for being better people, so thank you.

Andrea and I just want to say thanks for everything you bring, not only to the gym but to our lives as well. Trident CrossFit would be nothing without each and every one of you; we understand your importance and appreciate each of you.

Thank you for being part of this journey, thank you for wanting to continually better yourselves through fitness and the bond of community, thank you for trusting the entire coaching staff with your safety and fitness.

We are wishing you a blessed holiday season

Chriss and Andrea Smith (ok she still goes by Seward, at least you know who really runs things.)

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Chriss Smith

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