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Last night I got another 300,000 miles on my CrossFit warranty thanks to Marjorie – it was awesome.  There were four athletes at the 1915 class – no place to hide.  The WOD – 5 rounds of 60 sec row for calories, 60 sec Max number of pushups, 60 sec Max number of situps with a 60 sec rest between all events.  Of course I had to pull a fast one…after the first round scores were posted I came out with the following “If you score lower on any round that your first round there will be a substantial Burpee penalty.”  The cold, dirty looks were evident along with a few inaudible 4-letter words…love it.  The work went on and the level of suffering ratcheted up.  “Last round!!” – I gave them a way out, “If you can dig deep to that place to find the strength and row more calories than you did on the first round – no Burpees”

That place.  We all have been there.  Maybe it was at CrossFit maybe not.  It is the place where we hold a huge amount of strength, will power.  It is the place deep in your soul, your essence where we hold our inner strength, our fears.  It is painful to go there – both physically and mentally.  It sucks, as there is only one price of admission to get there – you have to suffer. You are going to hurt.  But what is in there is amazing – it is where you can find that extra bit of physical and emotional fortitude to keep going, pull harder – it is primal and it is powerful.

Marjorie went there – it was awesome.  She came alive and was on fire, she quite literally fell off the rower in a heaving pile muscle and exhaustion.  With 10 seconds till the next evolution she got up and went after the pushups possessed, the pain evident as she “went there” again.  She tore through the situps never breaking for the entire 60 seconds – it was a thing of beauty and inspiration and why I love CrossFit and coaching.

Thanks Marjorie


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Chriss Smith

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