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Evolution of Trident’s Programming

Our vision as a community has NEVER changed…to make our athletes fitter, faster and stronger. Behind this vision is an even greater one…to inspire the members of our community to beome better. Better people, better human beings. This has been our vision, and our #1 goal since the day we opened our doors! And in fact, the way we have gone about achieving this goal has remained steadfast as well, we have always pursued this goal through the powerful tool we call Crossfit.

Because one of the defining qualities of Crossfit is constant variance, it makes it difficult at times to see that all of our decisions for delivering this methodology to our athletes are done with purpose and with intent. Every system we’ve put in place, including our programming, our protocol for scaling and/or intensifying, our specialty programs, and our additional athlete resources…these all exist for a purpose and they are all decisions that are made with that #1 goal I mentioned above…to make YOU better!

We’ve realized as we’ve grown that this journey we take together becomes much more successful when we’re able to provide clearer insight into what we do and why we do it. The better we do about communicating our intentions and our methodology, the better our athletes become at understanding the process and ultimately developing their fitness and athletic ability.

Yeah, that was a long-winded way of saying we want our athletes to know that we do everything for a reason and we have a TON of resources to help you pursue your goals, so here’s some insight:

Our Strength Program:

This has been the most consistent piece of our programming since day 1. Though we have varied some of the lifts and some of the rep schemes and percentages throughout our existence, we have primarily utilized a 2 day/week program to dedicate to lifting moderate to heavy weight with the goal of improving 1RM strength, using the foundational lifts of Deadlift, Back Squat, Bench Press and Shoulder Press.

Our current program uses a 5×5 and 5×3 scheme at progressively heavier loads (80%, climbing to 90%).  We always use one upper and one lower body lift each week on this strength cycle, and generally incorporate the two movements that aren’t being used that week into the other workouts. In other words, if we deadlift and bench for strength in one week, we’ll integrate a squat and an overhead movement into the conditioning workouts that week as well.

Our lifts are chosen based on developing strength in the most fundamental foundations of all human movement. The prescribed percentages and schemes are with the goal of improving 1 rep max strength, which research indicates typically develops in 80% or more of 1rep max loading.

Some of you Trident veterans remember the days of the 3 day/week cycle. It was wildly effective in helping us improve strength, but we also realized that it had the potential to leave gaps in other areas of fitness. The 2 day/week program has allowed us to balance our programming with higher skill Olympic lifts, gymnastics and monostructural training. Please ask any of your redshirts for further explanation on this program if you’re curious…we LOVE geeking out on it!

Our “Tier” System – Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity:

One of our most valuable tools, and yet probably the most misunderstood system! We realize that we have a HUGE spectrum of athletic ability within our community. It’s one of the things that makes it so awesome.

That’s why we implanted this system of being able to scale workouts to your abilities, or in some cases, to modify them to make them more challenging for you as athletes. The list of ways for individualizing our WODs to develop each athlete is a LONG one – modifying movements, adding or subtracting load, adding higher or lower levels of skill for movements are just a few of the ways we can accomplish this.

Realize this is a journey that is taken together. It’s up to us as your coaches to guide you in modifying workouts appropriately to meet your fitness and skill level. It’s also up to the athletes to challenge themselves appropriately in order to continue to develop.

If you’ve been stuck at doing ring rows as a scale for pull ups for over a year, it’s time for BOTH sides to come up with a plan for taking that next step. If you’ve been knocking out pull ups with your eyes closed for over a year, then BOTH athlete and coach can and should develop a game plan for progression into the next level. My point is clear, the tier system exists for a reason, and it’s a collective effort that makes it successful!

Advanced/ Competition Class:

This has become an absolutely kick ass resource for some of our athletes. It’s been guided by our very own coach Matt every Tuesday and Thursday from 5am to 6:30 am. I could give you a long-winded explanation of what it is, but let’s start with what it’s not! It’s not a secret club or an elitist group of athletes who are getting special training to conquer the world or enter the arena at the Crossfit Games!  This group of athletes has demonstrated great foundational movement, shown consistency in their attendance in the Crossfit classes along with adherence to a long-term program, and have developed the strength and skill sets that may call for some additional volume and intensity to further their development.

Our hope is that any of our athletes who are ready for that next step feel welcomed to use this resource. With that, this is a class designed for athletes who have sound fundamental movement and have built the strength and skills necessary to safely adapt to the additional volume and loading that this class calls for. While it is guided and led by a head coach, it’s not coached in the traditional sense of coaching and correcting movements. The athletes participating in the class have already demonstrated the necessary skills and strengths, and it is expected that these foundational skills are mastered before entering the class.

Remember our program – mechanics, consistency, intensity. A good gauge of if you are ready is that you’ve mastered the first two and can consistently live on the intensity side of the whiteboard in our Crossfit classes. Scaling is an absolute necessity for development in Crossfit, but the advanced class shouldn’t require scaling. That is simply not the intent. While this class CAN be for anyone, it’s not for everyone initially. It’s in nobody’s best interest to add volume and intensity in this setting until they’ve built a strong foundation via Crossfit! Refer to the initial standards we put out back in May as a guide for what’s expected to determine readiness for this program, or ask coach Matty K!

Olympic Lifting Class:

Run by the champ, Rick Bucinell, who has too many world records in Olympic-style weightlifting to possibly list on this page! The new cycle starts up Saturday July 30th, and the class meets every Thursday at 7:15 pm and Saturday at 11am. This is a class for all levels of athletes looking to improve their skills, mechanics and strength in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk, along with all associated accessory work.

The drills and loads can be adapted for a less-seasoned athlete and for higher level weightlifters. It gives you the opportunity to work with one of the best lifters in the world, so if you’re serious about developing your Oly lifts, don’t miss this class!

Also, as a new addition to this program, we’re also offering 3 day/ week programming for athletes who have been through at least one cycle of the Oly cycle and may want to focus a bit more on weightlifting and/or competing in a meet in the future.

Open Gym:

As motivated athletes, sometimes we need more time to fine-tune our skills or develop new skills. While we program and coach in a way that fosters developing these skills, we also understand that sometimes additional resources may be needed to plug the holes in your game. Within that spirit, we’ve extended our open gym opportunities for our athletes, which are now available:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 5-7pm and Saturday from 11am – 12:30 pm.

This time is what you make of it! Currently there are no restrictions on what you work on during open gym time. Strength, gymnastics, extra conditioning, mobility, whatever you believe is necessary to help you develop as an athlete. If you’re unsure of what your goats are, USE the coaching staff. WE are your best resource and we love helping our athletes get better (Remember that #1 goal)!

Open gym privileges are reserved for UNLIMITED members and we of course ask that you exercise courtesy for the Crossfit classes if they need additional space at that time.

 Beyond The Whiteboard:

Heard of it?? God I hope so, we’ve hounded you enough about using it, no? This is one of the best tracking devices out there for recording and measuring your output as an athlete. And oh yeah, it’s part of your membership.

Beyond tracking your progress, it also has all kinds of tools to help you evaluate the balance of your programming, your attendance and consistency, and the specifics of all your individual workouts. If you have a major weakness in your Crossfit game, using the BTWB tools can often help you paint an accurate picture of why that hole exists.

What’s my point in all this explanation? It’s simple. Our program, like everything else we encounter in life, is what you make of it! We will relentlessly pursue our athlete’s goals with them and provide resources that help them. It’s a mission that has to be accomplished…together!

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