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NOTE – For Information about workout options and territory meals, please read this post.

Hey There Trident Peeps,

This weekend there have been more reports of positive cases of COVID in individuals who are not symptomatic. With this new information and in the interest of your personal health and well being, the well being of our staff, the greater Alexandria community and the larger community of our planet, we have decided to close the physical space of Trident CrossFit for the next two weeks, March 15 to March 29.

Social distancing is our greatest weapon to keep each other safe and not overwhelm our healthcare facilities. That means the physical gym will be closed but we will be posting At-Home workouts and outdoor ideas for you to still get your workouts in.

We do ask for your support and understanding during this period as it is new for everyone. We will continue to try and make the best decisions with the information that is available to us.

In the meantime, you can expect:

  • At home workouts to be published on SugarWod and Beyond the Whiteboard starting Monday, March 16th.
  • We are planning outdoor bodyweight workouts that you can participate in. (Stay tuned for schedule.)
  • Nutrition challenge (800 Gram Challenge). More to follow on this.

This is a trying time that can test the resolve of ANY community. Knowing you all, we will rally together and find creative ways to support each other and make the most out of the crazy situation that we find ourselves in.

Stay Strong,
Chriss and Team Trident

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