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Hey There Trident Peeps,

1. First of all.  THANK YOU for the outpouring of love and concern.  Each and every email or text we receive is a testament to fortitude, loyalty, and kindness of our beloved Trident community. We miss seeing everyone in person so please keep posting your videos on Instagram and FaceBook and tag

2.   If we are unable to reopen the physical space on Monday, March 30th, we are offering to put everyone’s membership on hold until we reopen. If you are able and would like to keep paying your membership, please let us know.  Any support is appreciated, but we know that this virus is affecting everyone, and we don’t want to add that burden with continuing membership dues.

3. We will continue to support our community with daily at-home workouts and The  #800 Gram Challenge (starting Monday 23rd). Details on the #800 Gram Challenge will be on  Instagram and via emails over the coming days.

4. We will continue to facilitate outdoor workouts as long as we are able to.

5. We are committed to keeping our business alive throughout this difficult time because we KNOW our community is unstoppable.  Our goal is to provide our members with a physical place to reunite and train together at the end of this unprecedented and challenging period.

6. Let us know if you are interested in virtual yoga on Sunday with Coach Mel !

Stay Strong –
Chriss & Andrea

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