Our vision as a community has NEVER changed…to make our athletes fitter, faster and stronger. Behind this vision is an even greater one…to inspire the members of our community to beome better. Better people, better human beings. This has been our vision, and our #1 goal since the day we opened our doors! And in fact, the way we have gone about achieving this goal has remained steadfast as well, we have always pursued this goal through the powerful tool we call Crossfit.

Because one of the defining qualities of Crossfit is constant variance, it makes it difficult at times to see that all of our decisions for delivering this methodology to our athletes are done with purpose and with intent. Every system we’ve put in place, including our programming, our protocol for scaling and/or intensifying, our specialty programs, and our additional athlete resources…these all exist for a purpose and they are all decisions that are made with that #1 goal I mentioned above…to make YOU better!