Blake Marston, Navy SEAL

Trident will honor the memory of SO1 (SEAL) Blake Marston on Saturday, Feb. 21. He was a native of New Hampshire, a loving son, brother, boyfriend and a Great American. He will be dearly missed at Trident, but not forgotten.

20 Min AMRAP
1 Deadlift (405)
10 Toes-to-bar
15 Barbell facing burpees

Buy a t-shirt or donate to help. Per the request of the Martson Family, all funds raised will be donated to The 31Heroes Project.

Originally written by Trident athlete Ericka Andersen on her blog The Sweet Life.

This weekend I had the chance to volunteer at DC SuperFit — a competition hosted at my own box, Trident CrossFit. I was excited to volunteer and be a part of the competition even though I wouldn’t actually be competing myself.

I arrived at 7am to help with check-in and other activities. I got my own volunteer shirt and was ready to roll. The fun part of check-in was hearing all the team names. A few favorites:

  • A Jerk and a Snatch
  • Beast Mode: On
  • Big Booty Judys
  • WODKillaz 
  • Blonde-acious
  • Will Lift for Bacon (something like that)

There were a ton of really funny ones that I can’t remember but I loved making people have to say their team names, ha ha.

Just signing people in, I was in awe of those that compete. Anyone could sign up for this competition and they had Rx and Scaled versions of Male/Male, Male/Female, Female/Female.

One thing I love about these competitions are all the strength inspired clothing, socks, and of course, tattoos. Tats are big time in CF and it made me seriously crave another one!

Best socks ever? Batman with capes!

My friend Amy was there volunteering as a judge — which I was too scared to do! I didn’t want to judge because I’m too afraid of someone getting mad at me calling a “no rep!” Silly but I’ve also never done it so maybe another time 🙂

I also ran into my blog friend, Stephanie (check out her great CF blog, Strong Figure)who I met at CrossFit Regionals earlier this year. I had no idea she was competing but I was excited to know someone in on the real action.

Of course lots of Trident folks were also competing. I tried to get a few extra pics to represent! I strolled around snapping photos for about 5 hours — it was hard to narrow these down actually. But Trident was packed with excitement and I was having a blast.

Here’s how the scene was (from my Instagram video):

Some Trident peeps:

Since the competition literally lasts all day, people camp out and tailgate just like a football game. There were tents, vans, coolers — I loved it. I only wish I had my own people to hang with but I didn’t know anyone doing that!

There were plenty of kids running around in mini-CF shirts and I saw lots of moms and dads participating in the competition.

I can’t imagine how intimidating it would be to be in such a confined space performing in front of everyone. Would it be easier or harder to get all the way down in that squat and come back up? Would the thought of humiliation be a great motivator than when you are by yourself? I’m not sure but I have a feeling it wouldn’t be for me. I guess I’ll never know unless I try though… 🙂One more video for you: 

That being said, it was great to see people of all shapes, sizes and ages competing in SuperFit. As usual, there was camaraderie and positivity in the atmosphere. It’s nice to win but CrossFit on a smaller scale is often more about team work and a shared love of something like this.

I wish I could have stayed all day to watch but I couldn’t so I got what I could. It really just made me want to come do some CrossFit and lift some heavy things. Of course, I can’t do that right now no matter how much I want to. This back has to recover and there’s no speeding it up. More updates on recovery later this week.

As always, I have to give a big shout out to Chriss and Andrea (Trident owners) for always bringing the energy and leadership it takes to make these things work. They truly love the gym and always make everyone feel welcome — knowing names and catering to people specifically. Anywhere I’ve gone in the CF world, people always know these two and Trident — and have amazing things to say. I’m so lucky Trident happened to be the box closest to my home when I started doing CrossFit.

This blog post was originally posted by Trident athlete Ericka Andersen on her site She got back a few days ago and she’s still TIRE-D.

Me shaking hands with Christmas pre-workout

Ericka’s other Games posts: 

Kind of. So — pause in our regular coverage today to spotlight a really cool event I got to participate in yesterday. Christmas Abbott is as cute and muscularly compact as she looks — but also super sweet.

Not only is she a great Crossfit competitor, but she also works on a NASCAR pit crew, changing tires in the heat of the moment — fast.

Reebok set us up with our own personal training session with Christmas — very cool. She showed us how you sit and then how you use the gun to screw up off the screws really fast. The point, of course, is to lose as few seconds as possible for the cars on the track.

Marissa & Jaclyn getting ready to roll! 

We were at the Crossfit Games so we couldn’t NOT include a WOD with this thing, right? So Christmas turned it into one. Here’s how it went:

For Time:
10 burpees
5 tire flip jump throughs
1 more burpee
Change the tire

It was pretty cool. We put on knee pads, ear plugs and plastic glasses for protection. I was up against Tina for time. I was nervous because there was a crowd watching and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to pull the lug nuts off.

Anne, me, Christmas, TinaGina

I also got the chance to do a short interview with Christmas after the workout. I find it so interesting to know how really fit people like her fuel their bodies. Sometimes I wish I could just watch and see how much and of what they really do eat. Super enlightening. Here’s the interview video:

Christmas and a friend showed us what we’d be doing. A little intimidating but they made it look fun and obviously, I had to try it!

Here we go…Burpees:

Tire Flips:

Changing tires!:

And it’s OFF:

With the whole Reebok media crew:

By the time we were finished there was a line winding around the area for photo ops with Christmas. She’s got an awesome personality and it’s clear this is her jam. I’m not sure why she was not competing in the Games this year but obviously she has a rockin’ bod and she can pump some serious Crossfit iron.

Thanks to Reebok for hooking us up with this cool opportunity. I definitely never thought I would drill lug nuts off the side of a real live NASCAR!

This post comes from Trident Athlete Chris Campagna, who has a thank you and an invitation.


Chris pushing it at The Open this year.

A little over a year ago I did my baseline and started coming to Trident. I was encouraged by my awesome wife, Shannon, great friends and inspirations Andrea and Emily Porterfield to come and do my baseline upon being released from medical care following a serious traffic accident. I was “three months or less” for at least six months. I was incapable of a sit up, pull up, or push up. Most of the time I just wanted to throw up.

A year later I can string together a handful of pushups, rock some ab mat sit-ups (still a little slow), and get a few strict pull ups. Besides being able to survive and complete a WOD, I can now actively participate in my life. A month ago we moved and I was able to be actively involved, moving boxes and furniture up and down the stairs. It was a moving experience for sure. Last weekend I participated in my first Stand Up Paddle Board race, finishing 5th out of 12, so more behind me than in front.  And, now I have a baseline for 2.5 mile race. In the final ¾ of a mile I was getting fatigued, but the spirit of the Trident community help me overcome the fatigue and finish strong. The image of Alex finishing one of The Open workouts as everybody surrounds him to cheer him on came to mind and I felt supported by all of you as I finished the race. Witnessing the elite athletes, chubby hubby, old guys like me, and anyone willing to check their ego at the door and put everything they have into a workout inspires me every day.

So, thank you Trident community, great coaches and our founders Andrea and Chriss. I am truly grateful for everyone. As a small token of my gratitude I am inviting all Trident CrossFit community members to Belle Haven Marina a mile south of Old Town to try some Stand Up Paddle Boarding. (I will have plenty of boards and paddles on hand for everyone to try out. It is a great core workout. So if you want to try  SUPing this Friday night from 7-9 p.m. please shoot and email ( so I know how much Ceviche and beer to get. It will be a great way to start the weekend.

Thank you all for your dedication and hard work.

Chris (one s) Campagna




You are invited to come Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This Friday July 26, 2013 at Belle Haven Marina from 7-9 PM.

(*Belle haven Marina is located approximately 1 mile south of old town – See directions below)

The Campagna Family is providing the Paddle Boards, Ceviche and beverages.

Wear a bathing suit, bring a towel.  There will be NO BURPEES!

If you can make it please email Christopher at


Directions from D.C., Arlington or Maryland (North of D.C.):

• Cross Potomac River (only if coming from DC or MD) and take GW Parkway south (toward National Airport).

• Go Past National Airport and into Old Town Alexandria. GW Parkway becomes Washington Street in Alexandria. Stay on it.

• After approximately 2 miles, Washington Street becomes the GW Parkway again (you will see the river on the left).

• Go 1 mile and make a left into Belle Haven Marina (the sign is on the right, but you turn left).

• Park at the Office and walk to the end where the rental dock is located

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