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Bringing Home the Gold

Photo1Well she’s gone and done it again this time she defended her National title at the 2013 IWF – World Masters Games, in Turin Italy, Weighing in at 57.09 Kg, Andrea Seward from Trident CrossFit competed in the 58Kg weight class Age group 40yrs old, she went six for six on her lifts with flawless precision.  Lead by her coach Cara Heads Slaughter from CH fitness performance, who strategically plotted a plan for success Andrea jumped out in front of the pack and never looked back.


Although the temperatures were unbearably hot in the arena, Andrea was cool as a cucumber from the platform to the top spot on the podium with a total of 127Kg, she dominated her age and weight category by 12 Kg’s with a 57Kg Snatch and 70Kg Clean and Jerk.   Her overall S-M-M total was 207.46, which was the fourth highest total in the 48,53,58,62 and the 69KG weight classes.   Yes that’s a Kick Ass Job.  So the question you have to ask is, is there real gold in a gold medal,  well im gonna find out when my beautiful wife gets home, jingling that well deserved medal.

Her friend and training partner Maggie Tincher from CrossFit Reston will also be bringing home some new neckwear in the beautiful tone of bronze, placing third, unfortunately her total wasn’t posted as the time of this blog.  Laura Sims also from Trident CrossFit brings home the Bronze as well with a total of 130kg


Again just goes to show what hard work, determination and skill can accomplish.  Congratulations ladies.  I’ve never been prouder


Chriss Smith

Trident CrossFit


Meet Results can be found here


IWF Masters Weightlifting site


you can find video footage on youtube


Andrea snatch  time hacks

45:00 minutes




Clean and Jerks





closing ceremonies











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