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Winter Woe's, Lend a hand

January 12, 20242 min read

“Your only one workout away from a Good Mood.”

You might have heard this recently:

"I really need to start the New Year right and get fit."

If you haven't heard it yet, chances are you will soon.

During winter, especially around New Year's, it's common for people to reflect on their health and fitness goals. Your dedication to working out – something you're known for – often motivates others to reconsider their own habits and think about a positive change.

Here’s the thing: It's one thing to recognize the need for improvement in fitness and nutrition, and another to act on it. Many talk about making changes, but only a few follow through. What a missed opportunity!

I want to partner with you in these chilly months to support the people around you. Here’s our strategy:

When someone mentions wanting to "get fit," "lose weight," "join a gym," or anything similar, respond with: “That's a fantastic resolution. I can help! Can I give your contact info to my coach?”

If their answer is “no,” it's okay. They might not be ready for a change. But if they say “yes,” could you connect us? We'll reach out to discuss how we can address their needs and present a solution that delivers results.

Remember, your role is crucial. You're the link that can spark significant transformations in others' lives.

If you're on board, keep an ear out this winter for those looking to make a healthy start in the New Year. When you find someone ready to take that step, connect us. We're eager to help your acquaintances become fitter and healthier!

Winter Tip

Staying active during winter can be challenging, especially with holiday travels. Long journeys often mean a lot of sitting and indulging in foods that might not align with your nutritional goals.

Counteract this by incorporating movement into your travel. Consider stopping for a brief walk or stretch every now and then. Even a quick 10-minute routine of 5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, and 15 squats can make a difference.

Maintaining even a small level of activity helps you stay consistent with your training and prevents falling out of routine. Remember, you're someone who values movement – so make time for it, no matter the circumstance.

Also, try to make healthier food choices during your travels. While sweets and high-fat snacks are tempting, opt for healthier alternatives like jerky, sandwiches with lean meat, chopped fruits, vegetables, protein bars, etc. Making these choices helps sustain the momentum from all your hard work in the gym.

And, of course, we're here to help design a travel workout plan or offer healthy eating tips while you're on the move. Just let us know!

As always, feel free to email: staff@tridentathleticsva.com to chat with me, or click here [LINK] to schedule an appointment!


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