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Awesome Opening

What a great turnout for our soft opening.  We just want to thank everyone who made it out on such a beautiful Saturday.  We had a team workout the Reds against the Blues:

Beggars Choice

Tire hurdles followed by a fence run and a three legged race around the building.  after that each team member picked from a laundry list of exercises to accumulate team points,  heres a quick rundown on some of the exercises:



Ring Rows

Wall ball

Ab Mat Situps

Walking Lunges

Coffee Bean Bag Clean & Jerk

Med Ball Situp

Hand Stand Pushups

Box Jumps

Slam Balls

Farmers Walk 53#/35#

95# Ground to Overhead

500 m Row

Total Points the Blue team  356  Red Team 261.

Special thanks go out to CrossFit Outlaw for a huge show of support even though I know they just came for the beer,  thanks guys and gals.  Also thanks go out to the athletes at CFOT for their show of support as well.  Dreams rarely come true with the help and support of your friends so we want to personally thank Vic Hoyos, Melonie Rowland, Stacey Scarsborough, Terrance Battle, Manny and Amy Delaney (sorry Amy don’t know your last name), Russ and Christie, Bill Putnam.  Coaches Thomas Delaney, Chad Ciri, Dave Diamond, Rachel Rhodes-Mallory, Ellen Gallagher  a team whom without we would not be successful, both Andrea and I could not thank you enough.

Monday we are on full swing

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