Trident CrossFit utilizes a team of assistant coaches to support workouts during classes. Assistant coaches lead our warm ups and cool downs while aiding head coaches during instruction. Each coach listed below continually looks to grow in order to provide our members with the best knowledge and experience possible. These coaches are a big part of what makes our Trident community so strong.

  • Mason Shupe

    Mason Shupe

    Bio coming soon.

  • Alicia Parenteau

    Alicia Parenteau

    Alicia has been active all her life and spent the majority of that time as a dancer.  A close friend signed her up for CrossFit in 2015 and she was instantly hooked.  She loves the challenges CrossFit presents and how it pushes herself past her limits, but she stays because of the community of like-minded people that CrossFit brings together.  As a coach at Trident, Alicia feels most accomplished when she can help build athletes' confidence and watch them become the best versions of themselves.  Coaching allows her to contribute to the community by encouraging all athletes to discover their potential and reach their goals.

  • Mary Winans

    Mary Winans

    Mary grew up running and riding horses competitively, but when she found CrossFit in 2013, she never looked back. As a CrossFit Trainer, Mary feels most accomplished when she is empowering and encouraging others to reach their goals, and to become better versions of themselves.

    When Mary is not at the gym, you can find her walking her dog (Kitty), reading historical biographies, or doing a myriad of other physical challenges -- running, cycling, hiking, or swimming. She also has a passion for public service and serves in the Marine Corps Reserve as a logistics officer.

  • Larry Reeves

    Larry Reeves

    Larry is a 27-year retired Army veteran, and is on his second tour of duty with Trident Athletics. He’s been a CrossFitter for 8 years, and spends his non-gym time as a proud Air Force spouse, grandfather, and government contractor. He is part of the Trident Barbell Club, and (not related) is also a rabid University of Georgia fan and supporter. 

    Why: Larry loves to be part of a team, and to help contribute to the overall atmosphere of belonging and being part of something bigger than yourself. 

    How: Larry enjoys developing relationships with athletes to better understand and support their fitness goals. As each athlete is different, understanding how they receive information the best allows Larry to help drive them to reach their goals.

    What: What drives me is helping create an atmosphere that is inclusive, fun, and encouraging. 

    Favorite WoD: DT! Love anything that includes weightlifting! Running…not so much….

    When you’re not CrossFitting you’re: Doing my daytime job, spending whatever time I can with my grandkids, and rocking the UGA red and black!

    Advice for someone starting or wanting to start CrossFit: Just show up, and let our fantastic coaches take over! Show up and become part of a fantastic community!

    Certifications and Experience:

    CrossFit L1

    CrossFit L2

    USA Weightlifting L1