Strength: Bench Press 5×5
Alt WOD:
10 Min AMRAP
30 sec AIRDYNE sprint
20 walking lunges (10 each leg)
Class WOD:
10 Min AMRAP
10 x Hang Power Clean (75/115)
5 x BB Rollouts
200M Sprint

Watching a class as it moves through progressions is a thing of beauty. Everyone is careful with every movement, keeping backs flat, heels down, chests up – hitting all those points of performance. But what happens when a coach says “relax that bar,” can simply take all that beauty away. Too frequently we see people go from practicing a perfect deadlift, to a complete mess just because it’s time to put the bar on the floor. Or a great athlete picks up the kettlebell looking like a sack of potatoes, only to then fix their form and start swinging.

CrossFit is all about functional fitness. That means we do movements that are useful and necessary in everyday life. Just because the reps are done or the weight is light, doesn’t mean you should forget how to move the right way. The way you lift a 200 lb deadlift should be the same way you pick your keys up off the ground. The way you squat should be the same way you reach the toilet.

These are movements for life, so let’s do them right every time, whether you’re being watched by a coach or just grabbing your shoes off the ground.