Tuesday is our last class for the 8week session. Next session will probably start after thanksgiving and before Christmas. Stay tuned.

For the MCM runners: this week can sometimes be a challenge. The week before a marathon needs to have some taper ….yes CrossFit athletes need to taper too.
This week do 2 CrossFit workouts…go hard! Running this week: today go for 8-10 miles easy;tomorrow choose one of the speed workouts to do below; Thursday go for 3-4 mile run and include in that run 4 x200 m sprints. No CrossFit on Friday or Saturday. If you want to hit the bricks, go for a jog to break a sweat or walk.

Programming this week:
Day 1-
4x 200 m with 60 sec rest/recovery jog
4×400 m with 90 sec rest/recovery jog

Day 2-
3 x 1 mile recover 2 minutes; hold speed within 5-10 seconds

Day 3-
3 rounds
20 sec sprint, 60 sec jog
20 sec sprint, 50 sec jog
20 sec sprint, 40 sec jog
20 sec sprint, 30 sec jog
20 sec sprint , 20 sec jog
20 sec sprint, 10 sec jog