6 Rounds for time:

Run 200m

8 Turkish Get-ups (4 right arm/4 left arm)

10 V-Ups

21 C2B Pull-ups

200 M Row

15 C2B Pull-ups

200 M Row

9 C2B Pull-Ups

200 M Row


Immediately followed by:



Ring Push-up

Athletes will spend the majority of the class working strength as indicated below, you’ll need to make it in to find out what happens after!

3 Mos or less (Mechanics): Strict Press 3-5 Rep Max

Prescribed (Consistency): Strict Press 2 Rep Max

Advanced (Intensity): Strict Press 1 Rep Max

In teams of two, complete:


800 meter run
AMRAP 5 Ring Dips, 10 Squats, 15 Ab Mat Sit ups
600 meter run
AMRAP 4 Ring Dips, 8 Squats, 12 Ab Mat Sit ups
400 meter run
AMRAP 3 Ring Dips, 6 Squats, 9 Ab Mat Sit ups


While Partner One runs 800 meters, Partner Two performs AMRAP  until Partner One returns. Then partners trade places (so each individual runs each distance and completes each AMRAP).