Teams of 2
Cash In-400 Meter Sandbag Run (one sandbag per team)
5 Wall Climbs (each person must get over the wall)
25 Meter Gator Crawl (each person must total 25 meters)
50 Hang Cleans (max of 10 reps per turn)
75 Deadlifts (max of 10 reps per turn)
50 Meter Partner Sled Push
25 Partner High 5 Pushups

Tuesday, August 27th


Teams of 2

-You’re gonna wanna make sure to get to the gym early to do some mobility on your shoulders for that awesome overhead position.  Be sure to pack your Running Shoes, High Socks, shave down those calluses on your hands, and pack your PARTY HAT!!!!  When you see the one the only Mr. Chriss Smith give him a high five and wish him a happy birthday!!!!!!