Hey CrossFitters,

This is my first attempt at writing a blog so bear with me. I have been doing CrossFit for almost four years now and as one of the more seasoned CrossFitters, I say seasoned because no one likes to be called old, I have learned two things. First, I love doing CrossFit! I look forward to every WOD and the physical benefits I have gained over the past 3+ years. Second, as a seasoned CrossFitter my body has had to learn to move in ways I rarely, if at all, forced it to before I started doing CrossFit.

One of these has been the ability to squat through the full range of motion. So for the past month I have watched and learned from the King of suppleness Kelly Starrett and his videos on

While he has many episodes demonstrating how to increase and improve hip mobility, all of which I have tried, I wanted to find just a few that you could do anywhere without needing any equipment. I mean seriously outside of the gym how many of us have a superband at home, much less a place to anchor it without breaking something.

Here are just three of Kelly’s videos that focus on opening up that tight hip to improve your squat. Like I said these can be done anywhere, anytime. Take a couple weeks, work these movements into your daily routine and I promise you, you will see an improvement in your squat.

Episode 55: In and Out Your Hips, For Points!

Episode 97: Improved Hip Mobility for Better Squatting Tomorrow

Episode 363: Pre-Squat Hip Opener Mob-Rx


Thanks and until next time 3, 2, 1 GO!

Jeff Kerr






A wise man once told me “CrossFit is more than the WOD, it is about learning how to improve ourselves physically and mentally.”

-Chriss Smith

Strict Press- 8@70%, 8@75%, 6@80%


“Dont Drop Your Wallball”

Two person partner WOD of:

150 Wallballs

100 Ring Rows

200 Meter Wallball Overhead Walking Lunges

*Only one person working at a time.

*Each turn the person working has to complete at least 5 reps of that movement but no more than 10 reps at a time.

*During the workout every minute on the minute both athletes will stop where they are at and perform 3-5 hand release push-ups before continuing.

*3 burpee penalty for both athletes every time the wallball touches the ground during walking lunges and wallballs.