2 rounds of: 2 minutes at each station with no breaks, 2 minute rest after completions of the 5 stations.


Station A: max Double Unders

Station B: max V-Ups or Abmit sit-up with 15lb plate over head

Station C: max Kettle-bell swings (53/35)

Station D: max Calorie Row

Station E: max Wall Balls (20/14)

via Tuesdays 10/30/12….

Skill Work: Power Snatch

AMR(reps)AP in 12 minutes of:

• Ground-to-Overhead (95#/ 65#) – this is the load for the first 6 minutes. Halfway through the load moves up

• GTO (135#/ 95#) this is the load for the last 6 minutes.

Every Minute On The Minute everyone must stop and 3 lateral burpees.