Yes, this time of year is supposed to make you reflect on what your thankful for.  It’s intended for all of us a time to think outside ourselves and take a deeper look as to what brought you to wherever you are.  As we grow older and wiser we realize that even though it seems like we work extremely hard to become successful, the sage within shouts back at us in the mirror and we realize that we don’t get there alone.  Without your family, friends, co-workers and supporters you would probably fail at the limits of your own experience.

I feel blessed to be able to actualize one of my earliest dreams which is to help people help themselves.  On a daily basis I get to make someone smile, make someone laugh and at the same time allow them see how wonderful they are and what they have accomplished.  Oh I readily admit it’s a bit selfish, since I get a kick out their laughter and that  twinkle in their eyes when they realize that if they keep their arms straight, the power clean is actually easier.

Truly, our interaction within the walls of Trident CrossFit, a small space we call home, gives me a reason to be thankful- not just on Thanksgiving day, but EVERY DAY.  Every day I’m thankful for the high fives I get back no matter how much my hand tingles.  Every day I’m thankful for the sigh of relief when I am able to answer that tough questions.  Everyday I’m thankful for being able to watch someone get their first “fill in the blank” it makes me relive the first moment when I got my first “whatever”.   Everyday I’m thankful for all of you for allowing me to share my day with you.

Thanks, now get your hands off your hips and eat some turkey. It’s Paleo.


Wendler Deadlift

5@ 75%

3@ 85%

1+@ 95@

(<3 months  5×5’s)


then, tenured athletes may choose either workout option A or option B:

Option A


1000m Row

75 Pushups

50 Deadlifts (185/135)


Option B

5 RFT:

7 Kettlebell swings (70/53)

12 Slamball (25 or 20/15)

100m Sprint

Happy Birthday Coach Chad!!!!

” Chadexcellent”


Pull-ups and Power Cleans (115/75) **

Every even number: perform 5 burpees

Every odd number: perform 5 box jumps (24”/20”)


10 pullups, 10 cleans, 5 burpees

9 pullups, 9 cleans, 5 box jumps

*There will be a surprise twist for Chad to do

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