Thursday 26 August:
800 M Run, 21 KB Swings (53/35), 75 ft walking lunges (30/24), 21 GHD OR Toes to bar
600 M Run, 15 KB Swings, 50 ft walking lunges, 15 GHD or TTB
400 M Run, 9 KB Swings, 25 ft walking lunges , 9 GHD or TTB

“Nicole”20 Min AMRAP: 400 M Run, Max reps Pull ups Set is over once athlete comes off the bar.

Output is measured in 2 ways – total # of pull ups completed AND highest # of reps completed in a set.

Tuesday 24 August:

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1 Then, drop 30% from 1RM and “sell out” – max reps w/o dropping bar

12 Min Amrap: 10 SDHP (53# Men 35# Women), 10 Box Jumps, 10 Sit Ups (No Abmats)
Scale step ups for box jumps if necessary

“Push Up Hell”
For Time: Complete 150 Push Ups with perfect form (Full ROM, shoulders and hips move simultaneously). Rest in plank position only. For every break in form or for any excessive pause, run 100 M (length of rubber mat and back times two),
Scale to 120 or 90